API 1.0 Documentation

Status URL

Overview The Status URL is used to receive real time updates of message deliveries. There are two ways to use this functionality. The preferred method

Status Codes and Actions

Status Codes and Actions The table below shows the status codes seen most often by SBT clients. Some status codes have extended descriptions with information

Special Characters

Supported Special Characters SL.NO. DESCRIPTION SPECIAL CHARACTERS       1 Inverted Exclamation Mark ¡ 2 Pound Sign £ 3 Yen SIgn = Yuan Sign


Overview Returns the VBT type set for Group, Division, Organization or Company level. Syntax C# [OperationContractAttribute()] SBT.API.DataContracts.Admin.WSVerificationTypeResponse ReadVerificationType(     string securityToken,     string orgCode)  

MMS Retrieve

  How to retrieve MMS images from the Solutions By Text platform   Pre-condition: To retrieve an image from the SBT server, the retriever’s system


Overview Get the Organization tree for a specified org code. Syntax C# [OperationContractAttribute()] SBT.API.DataContracts.Admin.WSOrganizationTreeResponse GetOrgTree(     string securityToken,     string orgCode)   WSDL Production: https://ui.solutionsbytext.com/Sbt.App.SetUp/wsservices/GeneralWSService.svc?singlewsdl Staging: https://test.solutionsbytext.com/Sbt.App.SetUp/wsservices/GeneralWSService.svc?singlewsdl

Get Carrier Lookup

Overview Get the cellular carrier ID and Name for a specific phone number. Carrier Lookup Limit: Carrier lookups can be done up to 10 parallel

General Interface

Overview This category of APIs include details for methods that are applicable at a tenant level such as carrier lookup, reading organization tree, Read Verification

Error Codes

  Error Codes  Sl.No. Error Code Error Description 1 1000 Invalid security token 2 1001 Title, Organization Code and SecurityToken fields are mandatory 3 1002

Create Short URL using Custom Keyword

Overview Using this service, user can create Short URL using a custom keyword.   Syntax C# public WSGeneralResponse CreateShortURLusingCustomKeyword(string securityToken, string orgCode, string domain, string