API 1.0 Documentation

Update Target For Custom URL

Overview Using this service user can update the Target LongURL for custom Short URL . Syntax C# public WSGeneralResponse UpdateTargetForCustomURL(string securityToken, string customShortURL, string targetLongURL,

SmartURL™ Interface

Overview The SmartURL™ interface encapsulates the APIs to manage the creation and curation of short URL links. The methods provided include the ability to pass

GetShortURL Report

GetShortURLReport Overview Returns the Short URLs generated based on the input Date and Time Range.   Syntax C# [OperationContractAttribute()] SBT.API.DataContracts.Admin.WSReportShortUrlDetailsResponse GetShortUrlReport(string securityToken, string orgCode, string

Get Short URLs

Overview Returns the Short URLs based on input Long URLs and domain configured at SBT side. Note: In one request maximum 100 Short URLs can

Get Short URL Details

Overview Returns the Long URL and other statistics based on input Short URL and Org Code.   Syntax C# [OperationContractAttribute()] SBT.API.DataContracts.Admin.WSShortURLExpandResponse GetShortURLDetails( String securityToken, string

Get Short URL

Overview Returns the Short URL based on input Long URL and domain configured at SBT side.   Syntax C# [OperationContractAttribute()] SBT.API.DataContracts.Admin.WSShortURLMappingResponse GetShortURL( String securityToken, string

Get Custom URL Report

GetCustomURLReport Overview Returns the Customized Short URLs generated based on input Date and Time Range. C# [OperationContractAttribute()] [O SBT.API.DataContracts.Admin.WSReportCustomUrlDetailsResponse GetCustomUrlReport( string securityToken, string orgCode, string

Create Short URL using Custom Keyword

Overview Using this service, user can create Short URL using a custom keyword.   Syntax C# public WSGeneralResponse CreateShortURLusingCustomKeyword(string securityToken, string orgCode, string domain, string