API 1.0 Documentation

Update Subscriber By Org

Overview This method updates subscriber information like First Name, Last Name, Unique ID etc., based on the Organization. This method is useful in cases where

Update Subscriber

Syntax C# [OperationContractAttribute()] SBT.API.DataContracts.Admin.WSSubscriberResponse UpdateSubscriber(    string securityToken,    SBT.API.DataContracts.Admin.SubscriberInfo subscriber )   WSDL Production: https://ui.solutionsbytext.com/Sbt.App.SetUp/WSServices/subscriberWSService.svc?singleWsdl Staging: https://test.solutionsbytext.com/Sbt.App.SetUp/WSServices/subscriberWSService.svc?singleWsdl     Parameters securityToken – String[1000] (Required) – SecurityToken to authenticate the


Overview This method removes subscribers from a specified group by making them inactive. Group, Division or Organization code can be designated to remove the subscription(s).

Subscriber Interface

Overview The Subscriber Interface relates to a specific recipient of messages from the platform. The platform includes the means for managing a list of contacts


Overview This method subscribes a phone number to a specified group, but if the phone number is already in the group, then it will return

Get Subscribers Status

Overview Get the status of a subscriber based on an Orgcode. If you provide parent level Org Code, then it will display all the groups