API 1.0 Documentation

Error Codes

  Error Codes  Sl.No. Error Code Error Description 1 1000 Invalid security token 2 1001 Title, Organization Code and SecurityToken fields are mandatory 3 1002

General Interface

Overview This category of APIs include details for methods that are applicable at a tenant level such as carrier lookup, reading organization tree, Read Verification

Get Carrier Lookup

Overview Get the cellular carrier ID and Name for a specific phone number. Carrier Lookup Limit: Carrier lookups can be done up to 10 parallel

Get Carrier Lookup Details

Overview Returns the carrier lookups done based on the category of Lookup source.   Syntax C# public WSReportCarrierLookupResponse GetCarrierLookUpDetails(string securityToken, string orgCode, string fromDate, string

Get Custom URL Report

GetCustomURLReport Overview Returns the Customized Short URLs generated based on input Date and Time Range. C# [OperationContractAttribute()] [O SBT.API.DataContracts.Admin.WSReportCustomUrlDetailsResponse GetCustomUrlReport( string securityToken, string orgCode, string

Get Deactivation Numbers

Overview Returns the Deactivated and Ported subscriber numbers based on the Organization code and status (All/Deactivated/Ported) code provided. Syntax   [OperationContractAttribute()] SBT.API.DataContracts.Common.WSReportDeactResponse GetDeactivationNumbers( string securityToken,

Get Message Status

Overview This method returns the status of a message transaction by using the transaction ticket that is generated when a message is sent through all

Get Message Status By Note

Overview Get the status of sent message using note. You can have multiple recipients, but only one note per message request. To check the status

Get Short URL

Overview Returns the Short URL based on input Long URL and domain configured at SBT side.   Syntax C# [OperationContractAttribute()] SBT.API.DataContracts.Admin.WSShortURLMappingResponse GetShortURL( String securityToken, string

Get Short URL Details

Overview Returns the Long URL and other statistics based on input Short URL and Org Code.   Syntax C# [OperationContractAttribute()] SBT.API.DataContracts.Admin.WSShortURLExpandResponse GetShortURLDetails( String securityToken, string