The interface provides the means to programmatically get data (messages sent, messages received, keywords and subscribers) for reports under a specific organizational context (such as organization, division/sub-division, group) for a specific date range.



Production: https://ui.solutionsbytext.com/Sbt.App.SetUp/WSServices/ReportWSService.svc?singlewsdl

Staging: https://test.solutionsbytext.com/Sbt.App.SetUp/WSServices/ReportWSService.svc?singlewsdl



Method Description
InboundMessages Get messages received for a group, division, organization or company.
Archive InboundMessages Get archived messages received.
Inbound Message By Type Returns the messages received for a group, division, organization and company based on the given content type (Help, Stop, Stopall, VBT, Keyword, Inbound).
MessagesSent Get messages sent from a group across the company.
MessagesSentbyType Get messages sent from a group based on the message category.
Archive MessagesSent Get archived messages sent across the company.
Subscribers Report of subscribers existing in a group with details on their subscription method across the company.
Keywords Get report on responses for all premium keywords created in a group across the company.
Message History Details Returns message history details (Inbound and Outbound) based on the mobile number from various levels of the platform.
Get CustomerID Details Returns the CustomerID lookups performed for a given Organization Code (Tenant, Organization, Division or Group) for a given date range.
Get Deactivation Numbers Returns the Deactivated and Ported subscriber numbers based on the Organization code and status (All/Deactivated/Ported) code provided.




[ServiceContractAttribute(Name="IReport", Namespace="https://SBTService/ServiceContracts/")] 
public interface IReport

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