The Template Interface provides the flexibility to pre-define standard format of messages that might be required to be sent under different application/business/organizational contexts.

The Template Interface also supports the possibility to include variable parameters, so that they may be replaced with subscriber specific values at the time of sending the actual message.

The Template Interface provides the means to programmatically administer (create, delete, read, and modify) templates under specific organizational context (such as an organization, division/sub-division, group).



Production: https://ui.solutionsbytext.com/Sbt.App.SetUp/WSServices/templateWSService.svc?singleWsdl

Staging: https://test.solutionsbytext.com/Sbt.App.SetUp/WSServices/templateWSService.svc?singleWsdl



Method Description
CreateTemplate Create a new template.
DeleteTemplate Delete an existing template (Make template inactive).
GetTemplates Get a list of all active templates for a agroup.
ReadTemplate Get an existing active template from group.
UpdateTemplate Update an existing active template




[ServiceContractAttribute(Name="ITemplate", Namespace="http://SBTService/ServiceContracts/")] 
public interface ITemplate 


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