Amplify Your Collection Efforts

Maximize your accounts receivable strategy through a streamlined, secure, and compliant text messaging platform. Make it easy and convenient for your customers to make payments by text.

SMS and MMS Are Driving the Future of ARM

Increase right party contact. Eliminate unanswered calls with an up-to-date subscriber database, Deactivation Logic®, TextiQ™, and up-to-date opt-ins.

Drive promises kept with two-way conversational messaging.  Open a dialog to help your customers avoid missed payments.

Rely on our personalized, customized templates to generate results. We work with you to create compliant text messages that resonate with your customers, ensure consistency and give agents control over the collection conversation. 

Reduce mailing costs by sending secure documents via text. Make it easy for your customers to pay by sending links to documents using SmartURLs® or sending via MMS.  

Improve operational efficiencies by enabling self-service payments, a frictionaless way for your customers to pay from durectly through the messaging channel.


How PayCourt reduced their unkept promise-to-pays by 20%

See why the collections industry has trusted us for compliant texting solutions since 2010.

Reduce Costs and Increase Payments With Compliant Features

Clean database with opt-in strategy and subscriber management
Tailored connections with one and two-way text messaging
Meet all Collections use cases with inbound and outbound SMS or MMS
Stay clean and compliant with Deactivation Logic®
Frictionless links to key assets via trackable links in SmartURL®

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