6 Benefits of Text Messaging for Your Business and Bottom Line

Discover how your business can leverage text messaging for direct, engaging, and efficient customer interactions.

As businesses navigate through a complex financial landscape, effective customer engagement becomes crucial in driving returns. Text-based communication enables companies to establish direct connections with their audience, cutting through the noise of overflowing email inboxes and an abundance of spam phone calls. Text’s quick and engaging format offers a multitude of advantages applicable across industries and business sizes. Here are six benefits your business can leverage by integrating text messaging into your marketing and communications strategy.


6 Benefits of Implementing a Text Marketing Strategy


1. Broad Audience Reach

Cellphones have become an integral part of daily life, from ordering groceries to maintaining long-distance connections. With over 272 million Americans owning cellphones equipped with native messaging capabilities, text marketing can access a vast audience instantly. The statistics speak for themselves: the average screen time exceeds three hours per day, with users checking their phones up to 58 times daily. 40% of millennials report looking at their devices every 20 minutes, making text messages virtually unmissable. In fact, within the past year alone more than 71% of consumers have opted in to receive text messages from at least one business, with 91% claiming they are interested in receiving messages from brands. 

2. Fast Delivery

Text offers lightning-fast message delivery, ensuring your message reaches customers when it matters most. Delivery speed makes texting one of the most dependable communication channels between businesses and consumers. Not only are delivery rates swift, but consumers also engage promptly with texts, as 95% of messages are read and responded to within three minutes. When you need to capture consumers’ attention in real-time, trust text messaging to get the job done.

3. High Engagement

Text outperforms other marketing channels with a remarkable 19% click-through rate, leaving email (4%) and Facebook (1%) in its wake. To maximize engagement, craft clear, concise, and actionable messages. Offer relevant SmartURL™ links to valuable content, seasonal promotions, and personalized deals, and generate engagement that leads to conversions.

4. Direct Line of Feedback

Text messaging facilitates quick and convenient communication for both parties, whether initiated by the customer or the business. In fact, 45% of consumers proactively engage with companies via text and 69% report the desire to text directly with companies. Despite consumer demand, 1-of-3 text responses go unanswered by businesses. Leaving customers frustrated and valuable feedback under utilized. Enabling Two-Way Texting is an effective way to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

5. Measurable ROI

In 2020, retail businesses increased their text messaging spending by 56%. Tracking the ROI of your text campaigns can lead to higher budgets, as marketers who do so are 1.6 times more likely to receive increased funding. Monitor text campaign ROI through metrics like opt-out rates, growth, click-through rates, and conversions. Evaluating the cost per redeeming subscriber is also crucial for measuring campaign performance.

6. Cost-Effective

A successful text messaging campaign can outweigh the costs of sending bulk messages to clients. Replace traditional media’s print and postage expenses with cost-effective texting campaigns that are accessible to businesses of all sizes, allowing even smaller companies to communicate with their entire customer base at a fraction of the cost.


With the text messaging market currently growing at a 20.3% annual rate, and expected to reach $12.6 in value by 2025, the question is no longer if your business needs to implement a texting strategy, but how? Solutions by Text offers a scalable texting solution tailored to your unique business needs. Our team understands the importance of customization to serve your customer base effectively. Starting is simple; reach out to our team today to explore the possibilities.

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