7 Advantages To Using SmartURL™

SmartURL™ lets you create, customize and track shortened URLs directly in the SBT software.

Its usefulness extends far past the original intent of link sharing, making it a powerful and necessary tool in your communication arsenal. In this article, learn about seven advantages of using SmartURL™ and how it helps you create efficient workflows, engage with your audience, and build brand awareness.

7 Advantages To Using SmartURL™

SmartURLs™ Are Easier To Share & Remember

The simplicity of SmartURLs™ makes them easy to share and remember. If you are redirecting someone back to your site, odds are your URL includes UTM parameters which make for complicated sharing. It’s essential to provide shortened URLs for consumers to process quickly. Using SmartURL™ to shorten lengthy URLs gives recipients a cleaner URL and better user experience.

SmartURL™ Saves Space

Getting your message across in only 160 characters can be a challenge, which is why it is common practice to send recipients to a landing page or document with more details. SmartURL™ accomplishes that while taking up minimal characters.

SmartURL™ Builds Brand Awareness

Branded links come with a variety of benefits. Recipients are more likely to click on links that they trust. By branding the domain name of your SmartURL™, recipients will recognize the source. Adding a custom slug after the branded domain will give your customers an idea of what content you are sharing with them. Both of these customizations can lead to trust and higher engagement with your content.

SmartURL™ Tracks Your Efforts

Not only is SmartURL™ a URL shortener, but it’s also powerful tracking software. SmartURL™ is a paperless solution that lets you send and track from the same software platform if you share documents with your customers via text. It’s helpful in sending disclosure documents, digital statements, marketing promotional offers, and more. SmartURL™ sends detailed reports of a specific customer’s activity and tracks whether they clicked on a link and viewed the document you sent them.

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SmartURL™ Works Across All Platforms

SmartURLs™ are not limited to your SMS campaigns. Creating a unique SmartURL™ for each campaign source will allow for more accurate tracking of results. That way, you can compare your efforts across SMS, social media, email, and paid digital advertising.

Easily Redirect SmartURL™

SmartURL™ makes it easy to change the end path if you ever need to switch things up. If you notice a campaign isn’t gaining the traction you would like, or you have a broken page, you can redirect the SmartURL™ to a new destination without having to send the link out again.

SmartURL™ & SEO Work Together

But what about search engine optimization (SEO)? Shortened URLs, like those generated by SmartURL™, are generally considered 301 redirects by search engines. So, your pages should pass PageRank to the final destination, leaving your SEO efforts intact. You can also learn more about Google’s stance on shortened URLs.


SmartURL™ is a powerful tool that lives directly in the Solutions By Text Software but isn’t limited to just your SMS efforts. Save money, boost engagement, and put your customer experience first with SmartURL™ without sacrificing your messaging. Talk to a Success Consultant to build a custom SmartURL™ plan for your business.

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