7 Benefits Of Implementing An SMS Plan This Spring

Engaging with customers can be challenging during times of financial concern, but SMS gives businesses and users a mutually beneficial platform to communicate.

Tax returns are days away from being due, with the IRS facing an overload of unprocessed returns delaying payments. Inflation is at a 40-year high reaching 7.9% at the end of February. These current events are making headlines in our country right now, and consumers are starting to feel the effects.

Engaging with customers can be challenging during times of financial concern, but SMS gives businesses and users a mutually beneficial platform to communicate. Companies can reach customers during a season with overwhelming news unfolding on the global stage and here at home with the right tools at your fingertips. SMS is a quick, reliable method for getting information where it needs to go in a highly engaging format. Its benefits extend to almost any industry and businesses of all sizes. SMS for business has countless benefits, and here are seven that your business could start seeing once you integrate this tool into your strategy.


7 Benefits Of Implementing An SMS Plan This Spring

1. SMS has a large audience within reach. 

From ordering groceries and checking in at the doctor to keeping in touch with family long distance and documenting life’s greatest moments, smartphones have become a vital tool in our daily lives. Over 272 million Americans own a smartphone with native messaging capabilities, giving SMS marketers the benefit of direct access to a large audience within seconds. The average screen time is over three hours daily, and users check their phones 58 times per day. 40% of millennials look at their devices every 20 minutes. An SMS message is hard to miss with statistics like that.

2. SMS is fast.

Large quantities of SMS messages can be delivered within seconds, getting your message into customers’ hands when it’s most critical. Fast delivery rates make SMS one of the most reliable communication channels available between businesses and consumers. Not only are the delivery rates fast, but consumers engage more quickly with SMS than other channels. 95% of SMS messages are read and responded to within three minutes! When you have a message that needs to get in front of consumers’ eyes, SMS can be trusted to do so promptly.

3. Consumers engage with SMS.

SMS has limited characters but still blows other popular marketing channels out of the water with its 19% click-through rate. Email (4%) and Facebook (1%) fail to offer what SMS can regarding engagement. SMS messages must be clear, to the point, and enticing to customers. Offer a relevant SmartURL™ to valuable content, seasonal promotions, and customized deals and watch customer engagement grow.

4. Customers want to Two-Way Text with businesses.

Customers want a direct line to businesses, so much so that nearly half of all branded messages are responded to by consumers. SMS can make communication quick and convenient for both parties. Whether initiated by the customer or the business, it’s crucial to have Two-Way Texting capabilities open to your team. 45% of consumers proactively reach out to companies via text, and 1-in-3 said they reached out without a response. Lack of communication on a business’ part is a frustrating experience for customers and will likely result in parting ways. An easy solution is the make SMS an integral part of your communication efforts and service teams. Learn more about creating an SMS-based customer service team.

5. SMS offers a high ROI.

Retail businesses increased their SMS spending by 56% in 2020 and knowing the ROI of your SMS efforts can pave the way for a larger budget. Marketers who track the ROI of their campaigns are more than 1.6 times more likely to receive higher budgets. Tack SMS ROI through opt-out, growth, click-through, and conversion rates. The cost per redeeming subscriber is also an effective tool for gauging campaign performance. Learn more about determining ROI in our B2B Texting Analytics Playbook. 

6. Create a loyal following with SMS.

Inflation has shoppers looking for the best bang for their buck. Now more than ever, customers are open to new brands and working with businesses that offer affordable, quality products and services. Reward your customer base and prospects with an SMS exclusive loyalty program. Over half of all consumers said they would opt-in to loyalty programs if offered. In 2020 alone, 50 million customers opted-in to text messages from businesses.

7. SMS is cost-effective and accessible for all sizes of businesses.

A successful campaign can outweigh the cost of sending bulk SMS messages to clients. Cut print and postage costs associated with traditional media when sending your campaign through SMS instead. SMS is also accessible to businesses of all sizes. Companies with smaller budgets and teams can communicate with audiences in the thousands or more thanks to the low costs of SMS, sometimes costing as little as a few cents.

Solutions by Text offers a scalable SMS solution that seamlessly fits your current marketing and communication strategy. The team at Solutions by Text understands that your business is unique and will customize a process designed just for your customer base. It’s simple to get started; talk with our team today to get started.


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