Auto Finance State of the Industry 2024

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Auto Finance State of the Industry 2024

Recent statistics highlight substantial growth in auto lending, as total auto loan debt climbs to $1.595 trillion, marking an 88.8% surge over the last decade. The question now becomes, is this growth sustainable alongside rising consumer delinquency rates? We answer this question and more in The Auto Finance State of the Industry 2024 white paper. Explore challenges and opportunities within auto lending, and learn how you can navigate through them effectively.

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Increasing Debt Burden

The auto finance industry continues to witness substantial growth in loan volumes, contributing to a significant portion of consumer debt.

Changing Borrower Dynamics

The shifting credit score landscape and delinquency trends underscore the need for a nuanced understanding of borrower profiles and risk management.

Market Challenges

Rising delinquency rates and extended loan terms pose challenges for lenders, necessitating adaptive strategies to navigate the evolving landscape.

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