Beat Inflation Woes With A Visual SMS Strategy For Easter

Create a dual SMS and visual content strategy to expand your brand’s reach this Easter season.

In-person Easter celebrations are returning in full force this year, with more than half of consumers planning gatherings. 80% of Americans plan to celebrate the holiday and spend over $20 billion on food, gifts, candy, etc. Inflation news is driving consumers to shop for the best deals this year, making it more critical than ever to get your business’ deals and promotions into the hands of your customers.

A dual SMS and visual content strategy is key to reaching new audiences prioritizing deals over loyalty this season. Visual content marketing is on the rise, and 49% of marketers rate it as a significant part of their strategy.

Drive engagement by combining SMS’s fast delivery speeds and open rates with eye-catching imagery. Solutions by Text’s Emojis by Text™ and SmartURL™ will visually take your messages to the next level.

2 Visual Tools To Elevate Your Easter Messages

1. Emojis by Text™

Create engaging Easter content that makes your brand approachable with Emojis by Text™. At Solutions by Text, we believe in the power of Emojis by Text™ to elevate your text message no matter the generation you are approaching.

Our team has created a library of Easter message templates with the best emojis for the season. Reach out today to get access. (Contact Us)

The majority of consumers want businesses to communicate with emojis. 60% said they are more likely to open push notifications that use emojis. Messages without emojis can come across as dull and impersonal. 42% of global emoji users are more likely to purchase if an emoji is used.

Knowing which emojis to send with your message can be tricky. Consider your audience’s age and interests and your message’s objective when searching for the right emoji to elevate your content.

When emojis hit the scene, millennials began using emojis to add dimension and feeling to their messages, while Gen X remained skeptical about adding playful images to their messages. Here to stay, emoji use expands across all generations but with varying meanings. An emoji sent to a millennial will mean something entirely different for the Gen Z camp. For millennials and older generations, emojis tend to be a straightforward way of replacing words or feelings, while Gen Z uses them ironically.

With the significant difference in meaning, navigating the emoji language might feel impossible as a business trying to engage with a wide generation gap. That’s why you must know who you are texting. When possible, segment your audiences by generation to give your message a personalization level and readability. But when that is not possible, it’s safest to keep emojis on topic and supportive of the content. Our best practices for emoji use in businesses can help you get started adding these fun images to your messaging.

2. SmartURL™

Take your Easter messaging beyond character limits by sending a SmartURL™ to add visual content. Videos, images, audio files, and curated landing pages aid in increasing customer engagement and click-through rates. The possibilities are endless with SmartURL™.

Retain Information: Give your message a longer lifespan by sending a graphic that supports your message. The human brain processes pictures faster and retains that information longer than by reading or hearing the exact text. People given information audibly were only able to remember 10% of the content three days later, but when shown a picture alongside the same information, retention rates rose to 65%. (Source)

Create Shareable Content: The power is in the sharing. Empower your community to expand your brand’s reach by creating shareable content, from videos and images to infographics and blog posts. Encourage your audience to share the visuals and engage with their circle of influence. Create a SmartURL™ to your latest LinkedIn article, tweet, or Facebook post to drive engagement across multiple marketing channels.

Ideas For Starting A Conversation: Visuals can be a great way to strike up a conversation with your customers. Start the conversation by sending a SmartURL™ video that evokes a response. Drum up excitement by making this content only accessible to your SMS audience. Engage your Two-Way Texting capabilities and ask customers to share their opinion about the featured product or service in your video. This encourages participation, and it also allows you to learn more about customers’ preferences for future message personalization.


Start Using Emojis by Text™


Easter celebrations have looked different over the past two years. While things are still not back to pre-pandemic levels, many are choosing to celebrate in person once again. Even those who aren’t celebrating Easter are interested in participating in the season’s deals and promotions. With inflation driving consumers to shop for the best deals, serve valued customers and gain new ones by elevating your messaging with a visual strategy. The team at Solutions by Text can help you drive engagement with the power of text.

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