Best Business Emoji Practices Using Emojis By Text™

Emojis by Text™ is a powerful business emoji capability in SBT’s FinText that comes with many benefits to your clients from increased engagement and trust to brand awareness. However, if you don’t know best practices, you can fall pray to making common mistakes while using a business emoji. We’ve come up with four best-practice strategies to help you use Emojis by Text™ to it’s fullest.

Four Emojis By Text™ Best Practices

Know Your Tone

Adding a fun emoji  🍁 🍂  to your Halloween 🎃  messaging can show your audience you are in on the festive fun.  According to a recent Adobe study, business emojis can set the tone for your communication and even make you more likable. There is a time and place for emoji, and the best use is casual. If your message is serious in nature, it’s best to leave off the 🤪  😆 .

Read The Room

Most global emoji users want brands to communicate with emoji. 60% said they were more likely to open a push notification or message if it included an emoji. But emojis are not universally loved, and it’s important to know who you are sending the message to and keep their demographics in mind.

Create Brand Approved Emojis

Not all emojis are straightforward. 63% of Gen Z’ers admitted to using emojis for something different than their original meaning. Creating a list of brand-approved emojis can save communication missteps down the road. Train your team on which emojis best represent your brand and messaging goals.

Emojis Are Best In Moderation

Sending emojis like 🎃  and  🍬  in your Halloween messaging is an easy way to connect and show personality with your audience, but not every message you send should include emojis. Sending a message full of emojis can confuse your message, leaving your clients to decipher its meaning. Multiple emojis in a single correspondence can be off-putting and come across as spam. It’s best to set a limit on how many emojis you use per correspondence.

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