Collect! + Solutions by Text Integrated Solutions

If you are in the collections or accounts receivable business Solutions by Text’s integration with Collect! Debt Collection Software provides the combination of speed and security you need. The seamless interaction of the two systems enables your operators to send individual texts and launch campaigns via Solutions by Text directly from Collect! screens.

Collect! is the configurable, feature-rich, automated collection software that optimizes your operators’ time. Available in cloud or premise deployments, with editions from entry-level to enterprise, Collect! offers all the options you need in today’s collection environment.

Natively, Collect! offers Reg F compliance features for texting:

Global contact controls for all communication methods, including text

  • Opt-in/opt-out status, details, consent method and history
  • Reauthorization alerts
  • Blocks for automated processes if reauthorization not obtained
  • Agent alerts for manual processes if reauthorization not obtained
  • Report showing cell numbers requiring reauthorization
  • Report showing texts that exceeded global contact control rules

Collect’s native compliance features provide the security users need to take advantage of Solutions by Text’s superior texting technology, template flexibility and robust opt-out system to send reminders, updates, links to consumer portals and more.

Collect! provides a specialized technician to implement the Collect!- Solutions by Text in your system and ongoing technical support as needed.

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