COVID-19: Our Commitment to Business Continuity and Seamless Service

To Our Valued Clients,

Solutions by Text is closely monitoring the evolving circumstances related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Members of the Executive Team meet daily to review the most current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and state and local authorities and are making proactive adjustments to our preparedness and response plan.

To ensure that you are aware of our business continuity efforts and comfortable with our commitment to seamlessly provide the service and support you depend on daily, we will provide ongoing updates as necessary.

Solutions by Text Employee Wellbeing

We have established a company-wide monitoring process to identify any employee with emerging symptoms consistent with the flu or Coronavirus and take immediate actions to reduce exposure to other associates. Business and personal travel of our associates is being monitored. We will impose a CDC-recommended self-quarantine for those returning from locations of concern or who have been around people displaying relevant symptoms.

Solutions by Text, like most of our clients, has been strategically focused on digital reinvention. By leveraging secure digital technologies, 90% of our associates can work as full-time remote employees every day. Our associates are fully prepared to work remotely, if necessary, based on their location and we are experienced managing a remote workforce.

Business Continuity And Seamless Service

While the actual impact of the evolving Coronavirus is unknown at this time, we have proactively reviewed our business continuity plans and do not anticipate any scenario that would impede our ability to meet our business continuity obligations.

Scheduled Conversions/Migrations

We currently do not anticipate any impact on scheduled conversions and implementations of SBT solutions. If you find it necessary to make schedule changes, please contact your Success Consultant.

Solutions by Text Partnerships and other Third-Parties

Select SBT solutions are dependent on specific components provided by business partners. We are actively working with our key business partners to ensure they are proactively updating their business continuity plans as the Coronavirus and its possible impact evolve.

Client Business Continuity Plan Reviews

We strongly encourage our diverse clients to carefully evaluate their business continuity plans based on the potential and unique impact of the Coronavirus.

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