Creating A Holiday SMS Campaign: Pt 2 Two-Way Texting

The holiday shopping season momentum is building with only days left to Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. 2020 saw an increase in sales from digital channels, but commerce will likely see some of those numbers shift back to in-store shopping this year. ( Implementing a Holiday SMS Campaign will let your customers know the best way to find your products and services this season regardless of your sales channel. In part 2 of our Holiday SMS Campaign series, we will explore how real-time text messaging leads to a better customer experience and return business. If you missed part one, catch up on how to take your holiday SMS campaigns to the next level by scheduling your messages.

Two-Way Texting allows you to communicate in real-time with your customers by sending and receiving text messages within the Solutions By Text software. Consumers have shown that they prefer to have conversational experiences in their interactions with businesses over one-sided messaging. ( Two-Way Texting enhances your customers’ conversation experience, leading to more satisfaction, return business, and referrals.

Adding Two-Way Texting to your SMS strategy can benefit many areas of your business, not just sales. You have an open line of communication to your customers through SMS, and with Two-Way Texting, your customers have that same opportunity. Here are some ideas on how you can use Two-Way Texting in your business this holiday season:

  • Head Off Holiday Frustrations – The 2021 holiday season looks bright, but pandemic-related supply disruptions could cause a frustrating experience for consumers again this year. This holiday season, creating an open communication channel between you and your customers can mitigate tensions rising from supply issues and other delays. Use Two-Way Texting to keep your customers in the loop when a product they are interested in is back in stock or running low. With possible shipping delays worldwide, customers can check in on their purchases when the Two-Way Texting channel is open. This quick form of communication can lower tensions and build trust in your business.
  • Give Space To Communicate – If part of your business model is to call customers directly, give them the option to text back if they missed your call. A Juniper study found that over half of consumers try to reply via text message after a missed call from a business and are four times more likely to respond with a text message over calling back. ( Open this line of communication by following up with a text message or by leaving a voicemail welcoming them to text you back. The holidays are a busy time, and giving your clients the flexibility to communicate on their terms means you won’t have to take a backseat this season.
  • Show That You Care – The holidays are a great time to interact face-to-face with your customers. Two-Way Texting can be the invite and rsvp process for your open house, happy hour, or holiday party. Get your customer’s interest by extending a personal invite and conveying your excitement to connect in person with a Two-Way Text message exchange. Your customers are essential, and this is an easy way to make them feel valued by your business.
  • Create A Better Experience Through Sharing – Two-Way Texting is not limited to characters! Share documents and photographs while you know you have your customer’s attention. Since this works both ways, you can use this resource to collect information about the products your customers have purchased and offer real-time customer support. This tool is a valuable learning resource that provides a better customer experience and strengthens your brand.

Implementation Guide

Implementing Two-Way Texting might feel daunting at first, but with some upfront guidance and planning, your team will be able to communicate your brand’s vision successfully. Many of the messages can even be pulled from a curated template system, giving them the confidence needed to communicate your brand’s messages clearly and effectively. Let your team have fun with messaging this season by including Emoji by Text™ in your text messages. Check out our guide on the best practices for using Emoji By Text™. Two-Way Texting can be a fun, positive experience for your customers and team.

Easing holiday tensions, giving your customers space to communicate, affirming your customer’s value to your business, and building a better customer experience are just a few of the many benefits to adding Two-Way Texting to your communication strategy. Stand out this season by including conversational experiences for your customers in your Holiday SMS Campaign. Our team of experts is here to help you create a unique SMS strategy that connects you with your customers.

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