Ditch the Paper Statements and Increase On-Time Payments with Pay by Text

Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine a scenario. All of a sudden, you realize you have no idea where your smartphone is. How long would it take for a panic attack to kick into high gear? Two minutes? One? How quickly would you instinctively reach for wherever your phone normally is?

There’s a good reason why you do those things. Your phone is important. It is your connection to most of your life.

Now imagine you stopped getting mail for a few days. Would you do anything more than shrug your shoulders? Probably not.

These scenarios illustrate the benefits that a solution like Pay by Text offer to consumers and businesses. More people prefer to use their mobile devices to pay their bills than ever before, so why not send them their statements on the same device they will use to pay the bill?

Paperless statements offer tremendous benefits to consumers. At a time when consumers are using their phones to control and coordinate more of their daily lives, giving them the option of receiving their statements on their smartphones helps them be more organized. Less clutter and less worry about keeping paper statements in a place where they will be easily found when someone wants to pay the bill is a huge mental burden that consumers no longer need to worry about. Having a statement in the same place as the payment method will save time and provide peace of mind. Being more organized presents a wealth of opportunities to anyone who feels there are never enough hours in the day.

Consumers are also able to review paperless statements faster because they do not have to wait for a statement to come in the mail and can pay using a direct link. So not only do consumers receive their statements faster, making payments is easier and more efficient, too. Being able to put a statement in front a consumer sooner gives the consumer more time to pay their bills, too. And who doesn’t love more time?

Sending paperless statements opens the door to more frequent and more meaningful conversations between businesses and their customers, and two-way texting is the future of communication. SMS text pay is a golden opportunity for businesses to deepen their relationships with their customers.

More than half of consumers are paying their bills online every month and that figure is only going to continue going up every year. And research has proven that text messaging is the communication preference of choice for consumers today. Pay by Text, from Solutions by Text offers the convenience of sending statements faster, receiving payments faster, and keeping everyone more organized. Open your eyes to the future today.

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