Getting Started with Text Messaging Podcast

On a new episode of ACA Cast, Solutions by Text Vice President of Compliance and Risk Management Amanda Payton provides a roadmap for texting in a discussion with ACA Director of Education Kelli Krueger.

Sending a text message to a friend or family member to check-in or recommend a new show or movie is second nature to most people, but using the communication medium in a professional manner takes a little more planning and care.

That is the key—planning—explains Solution by Text Vice President of Compliance and Risk Management Amanda Payton in a new episode of ACA Cast with ACA International Director of Education Kelli Krueger.

First, map out your goals for using text messaging to communicate, Payton said. Is it for promotional messages, account updates for consumers, or simply an internal plan to send messages to your employees?

With that in mind, Payton and Krueger discussed the legal and compliant side of text messaging and how that comes into play when developing a plan for your company. Compliance is a big factor to consider for the accounts receivable management industry.

Payton provided valuable advice on where to get started with text messaging

The best thing to do is to start with a basic understanding of what rules are going to apply to text message communication and to your industry because it really does vary, Payton explained.

From there, she added, a company can formulate a plan to obtain consent to communicate by text message with its clients and consumers. Consent depends on the content of the text message, which makes determining the goal of a messaging plan critical.

Don’t miss this episode for valuable insights on getting started with text messaging.

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