New Year’s Messaging Featuring The Past, Present & Future

Start 2022 Front And Center With An Encouraging SMS Campaign

For better or worse, 2021 is coming to a close this week. While it might not have been the return to normal most of us were hoping for, it was another year marked by resiliency and adapting. Quite possibly, our new normal. As we close the books on one of the most successful holiday retail sales seasons in history, it’s time to look ahead. Your SMS messaging can kickstart the year in a positive and meaningful way as customers begin shifting their focus from the winter holidays and into the hope of a fresh start in 2022. We have compiled a list of New Year’s text message ideas that reflect on the past 12 months, celebrate the present, and bring hope for a brighter 2022.

The Past

Highlight Reel

Relive your best moments by highlighting your business’s top achievements in 2021. Share how your customers helped you play a role in accomplishing the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Send a text message featuring a branded infographic, video recap message, or SmartURL™ to a landing page that gives a larger picture of your 2021.

Giving Back

Share how you helped the community this year. In 2020, Americans gave $471 billion to charities, a new record according to Giving USA. A company’s charitable giving is a driving force in consumer decision-making. Did your business contribute to a cause? Do part of your sales benefit an organization? There’s no better time to share your philanthropic achievements than a New Year’s message. Join forces with the organization you contributed to and create a message that conveys how your financial gifts benefited their cause.

The Present

New Year Promotions

Now that the holiday shopping season has come to a close, it’s time to share your first of the year promotions. While some shoppers are looking to refresh outdated items and stock up on essentials, others want to spend end-of-the-year bonuses on luxury items. January is known for its incredible deals on homewares, electronics and more. Jumpstart the year with an SMS campaign featuring your hard to believe promotion!


Create A Clean Slate

What problems or areas of concern are your customers looking to solve at the beginning of the year? Ride the wave of new year motivation by creating a New Year’s SMS campaign that leads to solving your customer’s most pressing problem. Please share your solution with them early so that they will go into 2022 ready to act as the clock strikes midnight.



As you think back on the past year, ask your customers to do the same. Send an SMS message survey asking for their feedback about your products and services over the last year. Or utilize Two-Way Texting to create a more meaningful conversation about their experiences that allows you to ask follow-up questions. Not only will your customers feel valued, but you will gain insights that could influence your entire 2022 trajectory. 

The Future

Share Your Goals

In 2020, nearly 75% of men and women surveyed said they planned on making a New Year’s resolution for 2021, and the same will be likely heading into 2022. Establishing New Year’s resolutions or goals is not limited to individuals. Make your messaging interactive by asking your customers to share their resolutions and plans for 2022 with you. Let customers know you are in the same boat and encourage one another to stick to those resolutions.


Encourage Your Customers

A new calendar full of possibilities can inspire people to try new things. As your customers ponder what the future holds, reach out with an encouraging word through SMS. Build up your clients with an authentic message that holds for your brand. Make it fun by including Emoji by Text™ that fit your sentiments. The new year is an inspirational time for many, and your encouragement will show your customers that you care.


A View Into The Future

Get your clients pumped for what you have to offer in 2022 by giving them a sneak peek at what is to come! Your calendar is already full of incredible offers, and by sharing glimpses of those, you can help your customers create a roadmap for 2022 spending. While we don’t have a crystal ball that tells us what the future holds, sharing your direction in these uncertain times will go a long way in building trust with your customers.

We hope that this list inspires your next SMS campaign. The Solutions By Text team of experts has even more custom text messages to close out 2021 and are here to help you with your strategy. From everyone on the Solutions By Text team, happy New Year.

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