On-Demand: Compliance Forum: 2024 Regulatory Update


FinText™ 2023 Panel Session

Compliance Forum: 2024 Regulatory Update

Unlock full access to our FinText 2023 panel session, “Compliance Forum: 2024 Regulatory Update”, where we discuss the shifting regulatory requirements expected in 2024. Learn how to guide our industry down a path that benefits lenders and consumers alike.

Take advantage of SBT’s relationships with leading regulatory bodies.

“SBT has been a great jewel in the crown for creating best practices in compliance.”- Jeff Simmons, VP-Technology Programs at CTIA 

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Session Highlights Include:

Debunking Compliance Myths: Separate fact from fiction, ensuring you have accurate information to navigate compliance regulations seamlessly.

Recent Shifts in Compliance: Stay ahead of the curve with updates on text and payment compliance changes affecting your business.

Looking into 2024: Explore anticipated changes in regulations, enabling strategic planning for the year ahead.

SBT’s Advocacy Initiatives: How Solutions by Text is actively advocating to maintain open channels, ensuring your business remains connected and compliant in a dynamic regulatory landscape.


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