On-Demand: The Future of Payments


FinText 2023 Keynote Session

The Future of Payments

Unlock full access to our FinText 2023 keynote session, “The Future of Payments”, where we discuss the importance of innovative technologies in the payments space, and how a customer-centric approach creates a seamless payments experience for customers in this ever-changing landscape.

Stay ahead, stay efficient, and stay connected with the power of text payments.

peter davey future of payments

“We shouldn’t make our customers think about how they move money, but have them think about what that experience is.” – Peter Davey

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Session Highlights Include:

Why we as an industry need to demand more out of financial institutions to make payments more approachable for the masses.

The importance of customers and service providers needing access to all related transaction data.

How real-time cross border can open new markets and reduce risk and cost.

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