Personalize and Engage with Presidents’ Day Messaging

Engage your customers’ unique needs with Two-Way Texting.

Create an SMS campaign that delivers a unique value to your customers this Presidents’ Day by focusing on personalization. It’s vital to understand customers’ needs and goals individually to build long-term relationships. Real-time messaging with Two-Way Texting allows businesses to further personalization by learning about the customer’s individual needs directly from the source. Use the season’s trends and customers’ previous behaviors to build a Presidents’ Day SMS plan that goes beyond sales.

Presidents’ Day weekend is known for its massive markdowns on electronics and home-related items. With tax returns beginning to hit accounts in February, it only makes sense that many consumers are looking to splurge on new televisions, mattresses, and vacations over the holiday weekend. However, history shows that large amounts of consumers will most likely put part of their refunds towards savings (54%), debt repayment (32%), and everyday expenses (27%).¹ While not every customer is looking to purchase this season, it can be an opportunity to connect and build long-term relationships that give you more insight to meet their needs when they are ready.

5 Ways To Personalize Presidents’ Day 2022 Messaging
With Two-Way Texting

1. Non-Invasive Bill Payments

Two-Way Texting is a powerful tool for payment reminders and collection. 90% of consumers would rather receive a text message over a phone call from a business.² This is the case with many customers with outstanding payments. Talking with customers one-on-one through SMS is less invasive than direct phone calls when dealing with late payments. Opening the Two-Way Texting channel allows the support team to address the situation with care and develop a custom payment plan that works with the customer. Each customer has a unique need that can only be known through direct engagement. Two-Way Texting breaks down communication barriers and leads to unified solutions that work for all parties.

2. Engagement Exclusive Promotions

Instead of sending a deal and waiting for your customer to act on it, use an offer to start a conversation with customers. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn more from your customers about what they are looking for this season. Offer a discount code and include engagement incentives, such as further discounts or SMS exclusive items. Reward customers for their engagement, and your business will gain valuable insight.

3. Convenient Direct Sales

Two-Way Texting makes following up with leads a breeze! Convenience is an essential factor for many consumers who shop online. 97% of consumers abandon online purchases when the checkout process is inconvenient.⁴ Simplify the sale by having the process occur entirely on the SMS platform. As the text message conversation develops and you learn more about customer needs, allow them to complete the sale right there.

4. Customized Recommendations

Develop customized recommendations for your customers based on previous actions or purchases. Sending personalized shopping recommendations out with Two-Way Texting capability will allow your agents to gauge responses and customize further. This method not only gives customers access to services and items that they might not be aware of, but it shows them that you understand their unique needs.

5. Not Just a Sales Channel

Think beyond sales this season by offering support to your customer base through Two-Way Texting. Stories of how companies began incorporating texting experiences that extended past product releases and promotions began popping up during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. Summersalt Inc.³ recognized the difficult time their customers were facing and created a keyword that delivered uplifting content and activities designed around their brand’s mission. Thinking along those lines, what can your business offer customers that goes beyond sales and into support? Sending informative resources, motivational encouragement, and helpful guides that align with your brand’s purpose lets customers connect with you beyond the initial purchase. Incorporate Two-Way Texting into the mix to give a human element that engages in real-time. In a world run on automation and bots, knowing a human is on the other end of the conversation goes a long way in developing trust and furthering engagement.

Your Team + Two-Way Texting

50% of branded SMS messages are responded by customers,² showing that consumers want direct access to brands. Giving your team Two-Way Texting capabilities opens the opportunity to create organic engagement for sales, account management, customer support, and brand awareness. With training and a library of branded templates, your team’s messaging will follow brand voice and protocols.

Two-Way Texting occurs within the Solutions by Text software, making it easy for multiple team members to access conversations, take notes, and follow up with customers throughout the entire relationship. System automation and alerts help agents stay on top of messages and never leave a client without a response. For more on incorporating Two-Way Texting into your communication strategy, check out our best practices guide.

Develop a better understanding of your customer’s unique needs and goals by thinking beyond the usual promotional tactics with this holiday’s text message campaigns. Increase sales and on-time payments this Presidents’ Day with a personalized SMS campaign that focuses on giving customers a direct line to your brand through Two-Way Texting. Talk to our team of experts to learn how to incorporate Two-Way Texting into your communication strategy.

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