Prioritize Customer Communication In 2022

The power of SMS continues to grow with its convenience, speed and versatility.

If 2020 and 2021 have taught us anything, it is flexibility. As businesses continue to adapt in times of uncertainty, the power of SMS remained constant with its ability to provide a direct line of communication despite Covid-19 imposed restrictions. Communication challenges heightened by the pandemic have driven many businesses to accelerate their technology-related investments. The NRF found that 73% of retailers accelerated their timeline for investments such as SMS due to the pandemic. If you are on the fence about adding SMS to your communication and marketing strategies, take a look at these insights that show the industry’s current state and future predictions. Make 2022 the year of prioritizing your customer communication strategy.

1. It’s Convenient

98% of adults in the United States own a mobile phone, and 8.2 billion people will own one worldwide by 2023. One of the most significant advantages of an SMS strategy is that phones can receive text messages right out of the box. Sharing a promotion, sending reminders, or offering bill pay through SMS gives you a direct line to your customers, no special app necessary. It’s convenient for you and your customers. The SBT software prioritizes your needs and simplifies sending and scheduling messages.

2. It’s Preferred

Do you know how your customers prefer to communicate with your business? An industry survey showed that 9 out of 10 consumers said they would like to speak with a company through text message. Find out if the same is true for you by sending a survey through SMS, email, and social asking how your customers prefer to interact with your business. Compare those again the results from your previous campaigns across all platforms. Adding SMS to your ongoing communication strategy is a no-brainer if you find the same results from your customers.

3. It’s Versatile

SMS click-through rates are the highest of all the platforms, averaging 19%, with email trailing at 4% and Facebook at 1%. SMS can be used as a singular effort or broaden your reach by creating a cohesive campaign that combines each leg of your existing strategy. Solutions By Text gives you the tools you need to build cohesive campaigns that are not limited to SMS only. SmartURL™ is a tool that creates, customizes, and tracks shortened URLs within the software. These shortened and branded URLs can be used on all platforms and help you track your efforts efficiently.

  • Use social media and email to drive text message opt-ins from potential customers.
  • Send a text message with a SmartURL™ promoting your latest social media post.
  • Promote text-only promotions on social media and email with unique keywords for easy tracking.

4. It’s Conversational

More than half of millennials polled in this study preferred engaging with companies through Two-Way Texting. 83% would rather seek help from a business through text message than through a customer service helpline. Two-Way Texting creates that conversational experience consumers are looking to have with companies. Your team can give real-time responses to customers whether you’re answering billing questions, offering loyalty discounts, or promoting products and services.

5. It’s Fast

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing mobile messaging is speed. SMS text messages reach their destination within minutes, and sometimes seconds, of people sent. Not only is it fast to send, but text messages on average are read and responded to within three minutes. With SBT’s Verify By Text, you can rest assured that your messages are being delivered quickly and compliantly.

6. It’s the Future

Mobile commerce purchases have more than tripled since 2016 with no sign of cooling down. The convenience, versatility, engagement level, and speed of SMS make it a must-have tool for anyone participating in the m-commerce field. With higher industry standards and regulations, text message inboxes are free from the spam and clutter plaguing email inboxes and social media feeds. Only 4% of respondents in a Forbes study claimed 50 or more unread messages in their message inboxes, while 40% said the same for email. Customers will see your text messages. Utilize this tool for abandoned cart reminders, reply to buy, and product and service recommendations.

Make 2022 the year you reach new levels in your communication goals by implementing an SMS strategy. In 2020, retailers increased their SMS marketing strategy spending by 56%. Text messages have been on a steady incline the last few years, and more businesses are relying on this channel as a way to stand out in their customer communications. Adding SMS to your communication and sales strategy in 2022 can help you reach your customers quickly, efficiently, and how they prefer it. Our team of experts at SBT can help customize a strategy that fits your business needs.

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