3 Things to Know Before Provisioning a Short Code

As consumers increasingly rely on mobile devices, businesses are presented with a unique opportunity to connect with their audience via SMS text messaging. In most of our customers use cases at SBT – they use text messaging for account alerts, payment reminders, marketing promotions, two-way texting with their customer service teams and now, even processing payments via text with our FinText ™ platform.

At the beginning of any text messaging journey, businesses are given the opportunity to register their business text phone number as a 10DLC or a short code. In our previous blog, 10DLC vs Short Code, we explain the differences and benefits of each.

If you’ve decided a short code is best for your business, here are 3 things you should know to help you prepare to provision one.

Understanding Your Application Process with SBT

Short Code Provision Form:

The provisioning form is where we gather information used to submit your campaign to aggregators and carriers. SBT handles your Short Code application for provisioning on behalf of your organization. We submit your applications to aggregators on your behalf who then work with carriers to ensure you’ve met their regulatory requirements.

Building Your Use Case:

We work with you to help you clearly outline how you plan to use the short code for your messaging campaign. You will have to explain the value you’ll provide to recipients and how your messages will enhance their experience. The use case should align with legitimate communication purposes and demonstrate compliance with regulations.

Message Content Review:

In your use case review, your proposed messaging content will be reviewed to ensure it’s transparent, authentic, and relevant to the recipients. Messages should clearly identify your business, provide opt-out options, and align with the intended use case you’ve described. Solutions by Text provides compliant templates that meet regulatory requirements for customers to use upon signing.

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Get Familiar with Compliance + Regulations

Website Preparation:

SMS Terms and Privacy Policies must be visible on your website before your application review. Specifically, your policy must include program or brand name, message frequency, description of program, customer care contact information, opt-out information and a messaging and data rates may apply disclosure. As part of our consulting, we can work with your team to provide you with sample terms of compliant SMS terms.

Compliance Review:

Carriers will review your application for compliance with industry regulations, including guidelines set forth by organizations like the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association).

They’ll check for proper opt-in and opt-out mechanisms, message frequency caps, and other compliance regulations. It’s important to note, Carriers have the right to change guidelines at any time and approve or deny any organization on their own terms and conditions. For more information on detailed regulations and how SBT leads with compliance with all of our customers – check out our Most Asked Questions About Texting – Laws and Regulations.

What to Expect After You’re Approved


After thorough review, the carriers will decide whether to approve or deny your application. If approved, you’ll receive the short code and can move forward with your messaging campaign.

Ongoing Compliance:

Even after approval, you’re required to maintain compliance with regulations and industry standards. Regular audits and monitoring ensure that your messaging practices continue to align with best practices and legal requirements. Solutions by Text experts monitor regulations and requirements consistently and work with customers directly to ensure all organizations are compliant, at all times.

At SBT we stand by our dedication to lead with value and compliance and guide you through the entire short code registration process. For questions about text messaging, short codes, regulations and compliance or if you want to learn more about Solutions by Text check out some of our resources or contact us today.  

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