Most Asked Questions About Texting- Best Practices

The second part of a two-part series of our top asked questions about texting!

Our top two Solutions by Text experts, Amanda Payton, General Counsel + Leighann Lindsey, Head of Strategic Accounts went through our most asked questions we get as a top text provider in the industry. To watch the full session – access it here.


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Best Practice FAQs:

1. What are some things to be aware of concerning data integrity? 

The first is, you need to ensure that you have a way to accommodate your opt outs that don’t happen via text message. Our process at SBT is that we currently have what we call our stop safety net. If someone texts stop, unless there’s some sort of programmatic change that’s been made, we are not going to allow any further text messages to be sent to that number. 
The second thing accommodating any bankruptcy and litigation holds. This makes sure that if you receive something notifying you that a subscriber has declared bankruptcy you have a way to opt out that subscriber from receiving future communications.  

2. What are some considerations for creating an effective cadence?

This is a true differentiator of SBT against the rest of the industry. We work with our customers as a consultant to understand what ways get them in contact with their consumers the most efficient way possible. Some variables that can impact success that we help identify are: 

  • Your risk models on establishing a low-risk vs high risk cadence

  • Your benchmarks against your peers in the industry

  • Your seasonality in your industry

  • What variables to help A/B test

3. What is the best time of day to send text message campaigns? 

This is dependent on industry, goal of your communication and what works best for your organization

4. Is two-way texting effective? Should we allow free-form or stick to templated messages? 

Our two-way texting has been proven successful through many of our customers. As an introduction to two-way texting, we start our customers off with pre-written templates and individual training on how to use the tool.  
Check out some two-way success stories:
  • SAFCO How SAFCO Tripled Their Right-Party Contact and Achieve 70% Kept Rate 
  • Paycourt– How PayCourt Reduced the Breakage of Promise-To Pay Plans by 20% Using Text Messaging 


Watch part two of the session recap: 


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