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Today’s consumers are exhausted from siloed processes and disjointed communication throughout the loan lifecycle. There is a high demand for lenders to consolidate solutions and streamline communication throughout the entire consumer journey – it’s a clear win for consumers and also for auto lenders who see improved performance from meeting consumers where they want to be met.  Join our expert panel of speakers to learn how unifying your communication strategy can improve consumer experience, increase revenue and reduce operating costs. 

Date Held: Thursday, March 7, 2024

Key Learnings: 

  • Build consumer trust and engagement with a compliant dedicated short code. 
  • Improve click-through and conversion rates with trackable forms and URLs embedded in text messages. 
  • Drive document completion by sending financial documents via MMS to capture images of financial documents and materials, such as driver’s license, paystub, etc., which are stored in the lenders system of record via the integration. 
  • Increase response rates with two-way texting allowing lenders to have direct conversations with consumers so that both parties get their questions answered and document requests fulfilled, easily and efficiently. 
  • Accelerate payments made with automated payment reminders encouraging on-time auto loan payments by reminding users through text, at the frequency of their choice, when a payment is due. 

Meet our Panelists: 

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