SmartURL™: A Compliant and Secure Paperless Solution

At a time when everyone around the world is being encouraged to stay apart from one another, finding a way to communicate and be able to securely send documents to co-workers, customers, and colleagues has never been more important. Enter SmartURL™ from Solutions by Text — an easy-to-use tool that helps save companies money on printing and postage by acting as a paperless solution to communicate and track engagement.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent companies across the globe scurrying to find ways to stay in touch with remote workforces and customers who might not be able to walk into an office or store for the foreseeable future. SmartURL™ is a cost-effective solution that checks all those boxes and more in a compliant, efficient manner.

Numerous studies and surveys predict that the work-from-home wave that started in March when the pandemic struck the United States will continue long after the pandemic is finally declared to be over. Employees have reported being more productive when working from home and companies have responded by adapting their policies and procedures to be more allowing of it. But the increase in the number of individuals working from home also increases the importance of tools and solutions that allow individuals to stay in touch with one another. A survey from early in the pandemic revealed that only 4% of respondents said they were using their phone less than before the pandemic started. Half of the people who said that they are using it more said they are spending an additional four hours or more per day on their phones.

SmartURL™ allows companies to send documents directly to an individual’s mobile phone, likely while they are on it those additional four hours per day. Not only does it allow for those documents to be sent more easily, SmartURL™ also allows companies to track the receipt of the document on the individual’s smartphone and track when and whether the document is accessed. The tool allows companies to test different types of marketing offers and track their effectiveness and push individuals to the more Earth-friendly paperless statements and electronic billing.

Another important data point that further illustrates the importance of communicating via text messaging today. More than 60% of the respondents mentioned in the survey above said they find themselves responding to text messages faster than before the pandemic started. And 70% of the respondents said they were experiencing longer wait times when trying to call into a company’s contact center.

Customer preference already indicates that consumers want businesses to communicate with them via text message. Sending documents via text message is the next logical step as companies expand their usage of the communication channel. SmartURL™ offers companies a compliant and convenient tool to achieve that. Because now it is more important than ever.

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