Using Team Text To Keep Employees In The Loop While Remotely Working From Home

There’s a saying in a lot of places — don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes and it will change. Today, unfortunately, the same is true for news and updates related to a global pandemic. The news is changing so fast that it is hard for any company to stay updated, let alone to make sure that its employees are being kept in the loop. But at a time when the news is changing from minute to minute, keeping employees in the loop has never been more important. Especially as more and more employees work remotely from home.

States across the country are issuing orders that are keeping people from leaving their homes. While still allowed to work, they are not allowed to travel to their businesses or offices. That morning staff meeting you used to have that took 10 minutes to go around the room and update everyone about what you are working on is no longer possible.

Being able to communicate mass updates to a team of employees has never been more important. There has not been a national emergency of this size and scope in two generations. If you needed to send a message like this: “To ensure the health and safety of our employees, we have decided to close all locations. For next steps click {Sclick} For info reply HELP” to let your employees know that they need to leave and go home, doing it in one mass text is the most efficient means of communicating that information.

Now that so many companies are relying on remote workforces spread across cities, states, and the country, using a mass text product like Team Text from Solutions by Text can save a lot of headaches by sharing information in a format that everyone knows and is comfortable with on a device that everyone has with them at all times.

Think really hard. Has there ever been a time when virtually every company in the country had almost all of its workforce working from somewhere other than the office? The breadth and depth of this pandemic has completely altered the way that education, healthcare, and business is conducted in America. Relying on a tool that is efficient, reassuring, and ubiquitous might be the easiest decision that a company has to make.

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