Water Cooler Conversations: Episode 1


Episode 1:

Maximizing Return on Bill Pay  Campaigns with Data-driven Insights 

In episode 1, “Maximizing Return on Bill Pay Campaigns with Data-driven Insights,” Todd Jenkins (Solutions by Text) and Scott Hamilton (Prodigal) join each other at the water cooler to discuss strategies to enhance bill pay messaging effectiveness through data-driven approaches. They emphasize techniques such as personalizing messages with account details to double response rates, using short URLs to reduce spam reports by 25%, and timing campaigns around pay periods to triple click-through rates. These insights underscore the importance of tailored messaging in improving engagement and repayment outcomes, leveraging statistical evidence from Solutions by Text’s partnership with Prodigal. Access the full list of bill pay campaign best practices here.


Todd Jenkins

Todd Jenkins

VP of Business Development

Solutions by Text

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton

Industry Principal


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