Understanding MMS: What is a vCard?

Establish trust. Drive engagement.

What exactly is a vCard? In simple terms, a vCard is your virtual business card. vCards take the guess work out of establishing that your business, and its text messages, are safe to engage with.

vCard: Virtual Contact File (.vcf)

Definition: A file format that delivers the contact details of an individual, or business, via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). Also commonly referred to as ‘contact cards.’

Your virtual contact file can include:

      • Image (e.g. logo)
      • Business name
      • Email address
      • Phone number
      • Website
      • Address

vCard Text Message Examples

A Simple Process:

      1.   Send vCard via MMS
      2.   Recipient saves contact card alongside your image and business name to their device
      3.   Your business name and logo appear with all future text messages and phone calls from the phone number you      shared

Why should your business use vCards?

vCards provide your audience with an easy way to save sender information. This builds recognition and trust, especially on platforms like iOS that prioritize messages from saved contacts.

Cultivate brand recognition: Strengthen your relationship with your customer base by providing your business name and logo in a readily savable format.

Simplify business interactions: vCards allow customers to easily connect with your business through easy access to vital information such as your website, email address, and phone number.

Eliminate uncertainty in text messaging. Empower your customers to engage confidently with your business with vCards via MMS.

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