Why Branding Your URLs Works

Are you utilizing short URLs for your business? If you aren’t branding them, you are missing out on an easy way to build your brand’s recognition and awareness. SmartURL™ with Branded Domain allows you to create, customize and track shortened URLs directly inside the SBT software. This tool has money-saving and engagement-boosting capabilities that can be in your SMS, social media, and email campaigns.

1. Trust Boosts Click-Through Rates

You receive a text with a link in it and hesitate. Should you tap it? Where does this link really go? The branded URLs through SmartURL™ automatically come with a level of trust that you’ve worked hard to build as a brand. It isn’t a random series of characters, but your brand. This trust has shown that branded URLs have the ability to increase your click-through rates (CTR). By including helpful information about the content in the slug, recipients can see where they are headed before they tap on the link, building recognition and authority for your brand.

2. Save Money

We’ve said it before and we will save it again. Ditching paper could save you money! Cut paper costs by sending documents, disclosures, digital statements, and promotional offers with SmartURL™. This tool can send clients directly to their statements and your payment processor, making the process convenient for your customers, and giving you more on-time payments.

3. Safety First

SmartURL™ is TCPA Compliant! Meaning you can send important, customized documents safely. Every part of the SBT software and the staff that consult your organization is grounded on providing a compliance-first logic and mentality.

4. Is It Working?

SmartURL™ comes with analytics and reporting that lets you know if a link was clicked or a document was downloaded. These real-time reporting measures help you strategize future messages, and ultimately, communicate in the best way possible with your customers.

If you’ve tried branding your short URLs, we want to hear about it! Let us know about your experience. Or if this is new to you, and you want to talk about SmartURL, schedule a call.

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