How We Serve Auto Finance

Accelerate loan journeys with unified texting campaigns across each lending stage. 

We use text communications to transform the effectiveness of auto lending from originations to collections.


Drive demand, save time and magnify your marketing efforts.

Loan Origination

Simplify and streamline the application process. 

Account Servicing

Position your customers to obtain and pay invoices with ease.

Bill Pay

Increase on-time payments and kept rates.

Stay compliant. Stay connected. 

We’ve got you covered.

SBT has compliance built into how it operates and deploys its product offering, with features designed to safeguard our customers.

Securely Request and Receive Documentation

Streamline the auto loan process with SBT’s Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS):

Website Thumnails

Facilitate Conversation-to-Conversion


Text messages with short links created by public generators are often flagged by cellular carriers as spam and blocked from sending. Links generated by private generators such as SBT’s SmartURL® are not blocked.

  • Create, customize and track shortened URLs.
  • Receive detailed reports of a specific customer’s activity and track link clicks.

Two-way Texting

Two-way conversational texting enables your agents to engage with consumers using a library of custom templates designed specifically for the highly regulated financial industry.

  • Empower real-time customer communication.
  • Rely on templates to keep you compliant and effective.
  • Increase communication-to-action with keywords, allowing customers to respond with one word to prompt a text journey.
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of consumers that have been exposed to text payment options say it is the easiest way to pay a bill

0 %

Of consumers prefer text messages for appointment reminders and communication with auto finance companies

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Of consumers are more likely to pay a bill on time if they had a text reminder

SBT Auto Finance State of the Industry 2024 - White Paper


Auto Finance State of the Industry 2024

This white paper examines key statistics and trends in the auto finance industry in 2024 and discusses their implications for consumers and stakeholders.

Ensure Ongoing Compliance

Subscriber Management

PIN Validation

Deactivation Logic

Two-way Templates

Text IQ

Opt-in & Delivery Monitoring

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Customers are so receptive to the two-way text dialogue because it’s frictionless and user-friendly. The 70% Kept Rate is phenomenal. Once a customer is in the text pipeline, we can delve into deeper past-due situations.”
Colleen German

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