How We Serve Banks and Credit Unions

Financial Account Servicing Made Simple Through Compliant Text Messaging and Secure Payments

Built for compliance, our FinText™ platform is the gold standard for collections departments.

Fuel engagement and action across the entire organization—from marketing and member services to loan origination, collections, and payments.

Custom-Designed Tools for a Highly-Regulated Industry

Simplify and streamline account alerts, payment reminders, application processing, pay by text, and more.

Improve responsiveness and drive positive interactions through the ease of text. SBT solutions fit into your existing processes and workflows to facilitate communication with your customers, payment collection, and other account services – safely, compliantly, and in real time. 

Engage, interact, and transact – all with the power of text.


Text is the most effective way to reach your audience. Get 98% open rates, use keywords to track offers, and increase conversions.

Loan Origination

Increase on-time payments by streamlining the application process with guided messages, links to your accounts, payment reminders, and status notifications.


Increase payments by engaging customers where they want to be met, in real-time, with two-way text conversations.


Accelerate payments by elevating the customer and reporting experience with integrated text and payment solutions.

Secure and Compliant Texting Tools for Banks and Credit Unions

Build text report. Send compliant messages to engage and interact with members.

Shortened, trackable links that direct members to your payment portal, PDFs, Docu-Sign documents, videos, surveys, and landing pages.

Securely request and receive documents and streamline application processes, saving costs over traditional post methods.

Automate and plug into the SBT software, giving you the ability to create a customized, seamless experience for your members.

Increase engagement by providing a frictionless way to engage with your customers. Execute programs and track results with keywords.

Securely allow your employees to double authenticate through a verify by text method and begin sending messages instantly.

Get insights into campaign performance, strengths and weaknesses, and areas to improve engagement. Create custom messages from reports and industry knowledge.

Keep your database up-to-date by monitoring deactivated, ported, or reassigned numbers. Avoid violations and penalties.

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