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Empowering Carvana: Reduce Compliant Communication Fine Risk by 100%

Leverage your opt-in audience for marketing campaigns, servicing alerts, payment reminders and bill pay opportunities with Solutions by Text. Maintain a performant subscriber list while adhering to the strict regulations that come with texting your customer base.

At Solutions by Text, we specialize in providing compliant messaging solutions tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of automotive businesses like Carvana.

SBT uses best practice and sound regulatory direction when establishing benchmarks and deliverables to its clients. Our customers depend on us keep them up-to-date on the frequent changes in rules and regulations that impact the financial services and consumer finance industries.

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"We chose Solutions by Text for their compliance expertise with the opt-in process. They have helped us achieve a 70% kept rate—that’s 10% higher than our combined rate—across all contact channels. SBT is a leader in innovative methods of communication for collections."
Daniel Baggett, SVP of Compliance & Loan Servicing

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