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Since 2016, Solutions by Text has been providing Collect! users with a fully compliant texting solution through our own global SMS platform.

FinText Platform

Use two-way texting and payments as a bridge to your virtual Collect! agents

Two-way texting is a great way to stay connected with your customers during this critical time. Put a text response INBOX in the hands of your trained staff and start a conversation with your customers. Whether you’re answering billing questions, keeping borrowers current on their payments or updating customer records, with SBT, your customer communication happens in real time.

  • Inbound messages are processed and inserted to the debtors automatically
  • Compliant Opt-in Methods and Messaging considerations
  • Read the sent and received messages in the notes field
  • Find and report vis SMS contacts
  • Removes landlines and invalid numbers from your client list to ensure your customers can receive your texts to their cell phone numbers. Query the current state of phone numbers. Mark phone numbers which can send/receive SMS messages and verify opt-in status.

Automated triggers can be set up to send your customers friendly text message notifications about their account’s status. Remind them of an upcoming bill, notify them when a payment has been missed, or even a personalized Happy Birthday message. Whatever the occasion, your clients can benefit from Account Reminders by text because it’s a great way for them to stay connected with your business. Reach out to your customers during this critical time to set up payment options.

Deactivation Logic provides you with a daily email report with deactivated numbers. This helps identify customers who are no longer reachable by text or phone. This ensures your text and automated dialer programs are not targeting deactivated numbers.

Send Opt-In Request serves as an additional layer of compliance and documents the customer request and permission for your SMS campaigns.

Capabilities at a Glance

One-Way and Two-Way Texting

From simple one-way texting to two-way conversational messaging, FinText enables your team to engage with consumers using a library of custom templates designed specifically for the highly-regulated financial industry. SMS messaging

  • Enables immediate conversational engagement between consumer and agent
  • Has a higher open rate than other modes of communication such as email or postal mail
  • Can be read on any device and doesn’t require additional apps

Securely Send and Receive Documents

Decrease agent processing times and increase response rates by getting the information you need from your customers — fast.

  • Reduce operational costs with efficient and secure document handling
  • Decrease processing time for transactions that rely on documentation
  • Increase effectiveness of programs that rely on sending and receiving documents

Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, our expandable gateway enables you to send text messages at a rate which delivers messages at the right time and keeps you compliant. Having a scalable solution provides flexibility to meet industry changes and demands.

SmartURL® allows you to create, customize and track shortened URLs directly inside the SBT software. Depending on your configuration, you can receive detailed reports of a specific customer’s activity and track whether they clicked on a link and viewed the document you sent them or were redirected to a website.

Carriers recognize short URLs as being generated from either public or private sources. Text messages with short links created by public generators are often flagged by cellular carriers as spam and blocked from sending. Links generated by private generators such as SBT’s SmartURL® are not blocked – enabling you to reach more of your audience.

Your shortened URL can be used in SMS text messages, social media, and email. Take your short URL to the next level with a custom branded domain. Customize your URLs for company branding.

The powerful capability of Keywords enables you to create custom communication campaigns that serve just the right response to specific interests – from mobile business cards to informational links.

  • Increase consumer satisfaction by serving specific content
  • Segment contacts by interests
  • Provide customer with contact information, resource links, educational content, and interactivity

FinText™ is the first text messaging platform with a native payment portal. Other pay-by-text vendors rely on outsourcing either the text messaging platform or the payment platform – and none of them provide compliance support or guidance – putting you at risk for compliance infractions. It’s what makes us different. It’s what makes you successful. Learn more

Support customer authentication with a randomly generated one-time passcode delivered via SMS. Solutions by Text One-Time Passcode (OTP) adds a layer of security to verifying a customer’s identity or confirming an action by sending a five-digit numeric code to their mobile number by text message. Because of its unique real-time delivery, OTP is ideal for use cases that range from two-factor authentication to phone support identity validation.

Verify by Text is designed to confirm that a customer has possession of the mobile device providing an added layer of consent. SBT goes to great lengths in providing your company TCPA best practices through the proven method of establishing a digital signature and the most compliant patch to opt-in verification.

  • Prevents fraud
  • Provides greater security 
  • Convenient for consumers

Carrier lookup is the process of checking a phone number to determine if it is a valid number and whether it is a cellular number or a landline. 

When starting a messaging campaign, it is imperative to verify that the number you have is a valid cellular number.

Subscriber management is the process of monitoring numbers for deactivation. It is also known as right party contact (RPC) monitoring. 

It ensures that the number you are sending a message to is the person you intended to reach. If a number has been deactivated, we notify you and remove that number from your database.

Short codes are special 6-digit or 5-digit numbers that are leased by carriers and used for sending text messages.

Short codes are used when sending high-volume two-way SMS and MMS messaging. 

Solutions by Text is a trusted provider of short codes. Talk to one of our team to learn more.

Long codes and 10DLCs are traditional 10-digit telephone numbers dedicated to text messaging. 10DLCs support promotional and transactional messaging and are only available in the United States.

Deactivation Logic is the process of monitoring deactivated, ported, or reassigned numbers to ensure you have accurate records,  maintain standards, and avoid violations and penalties.

To address the need to recycle mobile phone numbers more efficiently, carriers are required to report any changes within their network on a daily basis, thus, creating a much shorter window for recycling a deactivated mobile number and creating a live account.

Deactivation Logic™ protects you from any potential regulatory and legal violations by providing you with a layer of protection to ensure that a message is NOT sent to a recycled mobile number. This protection fully compliments our dedication to compliance and the ever-changing landscape of the mobile industry.

Templates That Keep You Compliant

In the highly-regulated financial and communications industries, what you say in outbound text messages, when you send outbound text messages, and how you respond to conversational or inbound messages are all subject to government, industry and carrier regulations. Solutions by Text works with you to create compliant templates specifically for account management and transactional messaging. Compliant message templates not only prevent agents from sending freeform messages that would put you at risk for penalties but enable you to get started with your text messaging strategy quickly.

  • Empower your team to work more efficiently.
  • Prevent agents from sending freeform messages.
  • Reduce your compliance risk.
  • Increase consumer satisfaction.
  • Accelerate conversational messages and resolution.

So, whether you have an internal team dedicated to compliance or need compliance support, our compliance experts will provide best practices and compliance guidance to help you reach your business goals.

BrandID enables you to to customize the messaging display.

  • Using your logo for a better consumer experience
  • Establishing trust with your consumers

Experience the platform that turns text communication into customer action.

Let’s talk about how an integrated text and payments platform can increase your earnings, improve operations, and build stronger customer relationships.

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