Compliance. Collaboration. Continued Success.

Communicating out of compliance is expensive and critical. Our customers depend on us keep them up-to-date on the frequent changes in rules and regulations that impact the financial services and consumer finance industries.

Compliance is who we are.

Every part of the SBT software and the staff that consult your organization is grounded on providing a compliance first logic and mentality. SBT uses best practice and sound regulatory direction when establishing benchmarks and deliverables to its clients. SBT eliminates the guesswork by providing a proven, logical, and simplified approach.

How we keep you compliant:

  • Get your messages in the right hands with carrier lookup services
  • Increase right-party contact with daily monitoring of ports and deactivations
  • Keep your communications secure and compliant with provisioned short codes and long codes/10DLCs
  • Don’t waste messages on bad numbers with Deactivation Logic®
  • Stay within regulation with our proven message template library

Our Compliance Ecosystem

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