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The rules governing text messages are fluid and come from many sources. First, it is important to note that the wireless carriers themselves are the ultimate sheriffs on what the requirements are for using their gateways. The wireless carriers can develop individualized rules that everyone must follow and generally publish these rules via “Codes of Conduct.” Furthermore, your text platform provider likely has internal rules that must be followed for a customer to send messages over through its platform. The CTIA, the wireless industry trade association, sets best practices in accordance with the wireless carrier requirements and recommendations. Lastly, various federal and state laws apply to text message communications, often depending on the specific industry involved.  

Yes, you should obtain a customer’s consent before sending a text message. The type of consent you need depends on the content of the text message—specifically, whether the message is promotional in nature. If you are replying to a customer-initiated or requested message, consent is implied. If you are sending an account-related message to a customer with an open account, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) requires prior express consent. If you are sending a promotional message, the TCPA requires prior express, written consent. 

There are many options for obtaining a customer’s consent before sending text messages. You can create calls-to-action requesting that customers join your recurring message program and include them on statements, on your website, or in other non-text communications. You can include a section within your contractual agreement with the customer that would grant you permission to send text messages. Solutions by Text can assist you in developing multiple options to request and obtain customer consent to ensure the best results from your texting program. 

No, you cannot send text messages to customers who have replied STOP and opted-out of your SMS campaigns.  One of the many advantages of partnering with Solutions by Text is our Stop Safety NetTM. SBT serves as the system of record for customer opt-ins and opt-outs. If you inadvertently attempt to send a message to a customer who has not opted-in to receive your messages, SBT’s Stop Safety NetTM will catch that message, fail it, and notify you. SBT maintains a master opt-in database of your customers and we will consult with you on how to maintain each customer’s opt-in/opt-out status on your side. 

Double authentication is the gold standard of obtaining customer consent for your text message campaigns. Double authentication, either PIN-based or reserve word, enables SBT clients to document the ability to use the SMS channel for ongoing text communications, ensure messages for each customer deliver with pinpoint accuracy, and document consent for your SMS campaigns.

Yes, Solutions by Text can deliver text messages to pre-paid cell phone plans based on its Dual DeliveryTM logic. In the United States, we have experienced an increase in the number of low-cost monthly / rechargeable cell phone options. Many of the pre-paid plan providers do not accommodate SMS delivery from standard Short Codes. SBT has solved this message delivery issue by combining the standard Short Code gateway with an enterprise-grade 10DLC solution. The result is an intelligent status update logic that activates the secondary 10DLC delivery in response to encountering a blocked status return on the Short Code gateway. With this capability, SBT can ensure delivery to customers who have requested messages.

Yes, if a customer opts-out of text messages the customer can always opt-in again at a future date. If a customer opts-out of text messages SBT will not deliver messages to that customer again until a subsequent opt-in event has occurred.

Yes, Solutions by Text has a robust portfolio of API services that you can integrate directly into your own systems or build middleware for the integration. The SBT platform provides you with an effortless means to extend your application’s ability to communicate through SMS. Our API platform has been organized to help simplify the process of integrating your applications. In addition to dynamic, online documentation, SBT can setup multiple environments to mirror your application development process.

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