Tailored Solutions for Hyundai’s Success

Empowering Hyundai: Messaging Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency and Customer Engagement.

Accelerate loan journeys with unified texting campaigns across each lending stage. 

At Solutions by Text, we use text communications to transform the effectiveness of auto lending from originations to collections. With our tailored messaging solutions, we empower institutions like Hyundai to streamline operations and facilitate conversation-to-conversion. 

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Measurable Results

Peers in your space have achieved a 70% kept rate and tripled their right party contact rate by implementing text messaging in their communication strategy.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We chose Solutions by Text for their compliance expertise with the opt-in process. They have helped us achieve a 70% kept rate—that’s 10% higher than our combined rate—across all contact channels. SBT is a leader in innovative methods of communication for collections."
Daniel Baggett, SVP of Compliance & Loan Servicing

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