Inbound MMS

Inbound MMS is a secure way to receive images of documents by text

Whether you are an insurance company, auto lender, or a retail business, Inbound MMS can be the right texting communication tool for your business. Inbound MMS enables clients to reply to SMS messages with images of documents such as photo of insurance card, voided check or vehicle identification number. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and with the option to send documents by text, it cuts your processing time down to a fraction of what it used to be. 

Upgrade to receive Inbound MMS images from your customers inside Solutions by Text’s Two-Way Texting portal. Inbound MMS will greatly decrease your agent’s processing times by getting the information you need from your customer fast.

Inbound MMS Demo

To learn more about receiving Inbound MMS messages from your customers, please contact us at 800-979-1212 or 

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