Create, Customize, and Track Shortened URLs

SmartURL™ allows you to create, customize and track shortened URLs directly inside the SBT software. Receive detailed reports of a specific customer’s activity and track whether they clicked on a link and viewed the document you sent them.

Shorten long URLs to use with social media, email or SMS. Customize your URLs for company branding.

Never Lose Track of Your Documents

If you’re looking for a paperless solution to send and track documents, then look to SmartURL™ for a cost-effective feature built directly into our software platform! With SmartURL™ you’ll have the ability to send important documents directly to your customer’s mobile phone.

  • Send any document to your customer by text (disclosure documents, digital statements, or marketing promotional offers)
  • Measure your customer’s engagement and track whether they clicked on a link or viewed a document you sent them.

File Process Automation and custom brand experience are built directly into the SBT software to help you get the most out of  your SmartURL™ integration.

SmartURL™ with File Process Automation

With this new capability, integrate bulk SmartURL™ functionality as part of existing FPA workflows. It is easier than ever for clients to modify existing files and processing to accommodate the new functionality and gain the benefits.

Branded Domain

Integrate your custom domain name with SmartURL™. Create unique URLs specific to your brand. Evidence shows shortened URLs increase click-through rates– adding your custom domain improves confidence, strengthens brand awareness, and establishes consumer trust.

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