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Flexible communication tools that will change how you do business.

Today’s customers are always on the move and rely on their mobile devices to manage their lives and their finances. The key to building trusted relationships with your customers is to meet them where they are with a trusted and compliant communication program — which is the foundation of everything we do and build at SBT. Two-way, text-based solutions offer a more effective way for you and your customers to engage, interact, and transact with ease. 

The SBT suite of messaging and payment tools provides everything you need to connect to the right party, interact and facilitate payments, all while staying on the right side of compliance.

Who We Serve

Pioneering communication and payment solutions for Consumer Finance

We are there beside you from the moment your partner with us, working with you to realize the maximum value from your texting programs. Our experts provide guidance and support at every step of the journey.


Simple, seamless, and secure: That’s the goal of payment collections. SBT provides ARM customers the tools to increase right-party contact and promises kept.  From sending documents and payment reminders to facilitating payments, we keep you operating efficiently—and on the right side of compliance. Learn more.

Banks and Credit Unions

Your customers are more likely to respond, engage, and take action when you communicate via their preferred channel. For most, that is text. SBT arms you with tools to communicate where your customers are, driving engagement and payment, through SMS and MMS text messaging. Learn more.

Consumer Lending

Today’s buyer is always on the go, and craves payment options that are flexible, simple, and secure. For lenders offering personal, auto, or home loans, our flexible platform covers you from loan origination, to loan servicing, to final payment — all in one place and compliant, so you can breathe easy. Learn more.


How SAFCO Tripled Their Right-Party Contact and Achieve 70% Kept Rate

Read how the Southern Finance Auto Company, LLC (SAFCO) updated their collections strategy with two-way texting, leading to phenomenal results.

How We Can Help

A flexible solution across the enterprise

Today’s consumer is digital-first. They don’t respond to voice calls and emails—but they do respond to text. SBT delivers the benefits of an integrated, modernized platform with built-in compliance. Discover a few ways that SBT helps you streamline operations and deliver customer satisfaction and success.


Drive demand, save time and magnify your marketing efforts.

Loan Origination

Simplify and streamline the application process.

Account Servicing

Position your customers to obtain and pay invoices with ease.


Increase collections efficiency and increase recoveries.

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