“It is with great pleasure that I take a moment and speak to the success I have experienced with the Cantrell Brothers and the team at Solutions by Text. This is the second organization I’ve plugged into their service and each time the results speak for themselves. These guys know SMS, they first lay a compliance foundation and then focus on improving the customer experience through expanded communication. Solutions by Text is not just a texting vendor, they are a consulting partner and their approach is to understand your business model and apply SMS best practice around your objectives.

Our current opportunity is plugging the service into one thousand plus store fronts with multiple brands supported by a centralized call center. The attention to detail is indicative of their experience, from staff training suggestions to call center recommendations these guys have been around the block. The strategy is sound from product lifecycle to call center customer support. Two-way texting has been the biggest win for our collection team and the online solution provides the flexibility we needed to marry our software to theirs.

Execution is the key, their weekly progress call to review the systems and project plan keeps both teams informed and on track. The thing I like most about the weekly consulting call is the knowledge transfer with the result being a subject matter expert on my team equipped to carry out the plan from within. Their insight goes beyond the services they provide and this is demonstrated by a willingness to share their network and resources.”