FinText™ Payments

A seamless, embedded payments solution, powered by a compliant-first messaging platform

Text + Payments. Reimagined.

Your goal is to accelerate payments. Our goal is to empower you to do so. 

FinText next-gen text messaging and payment capabilities enable consumers to process payments without having to open another app or search for an access code or remember their login. It’s simple, fast, frictionless, and convenient.

You provide the billing information–we provide the payment journey supported by a merchant account you set up through Solutions by Text – so the payment is entirely branded to your company. Further, the payment steps are custom branded with your logo and a badge of authenticity. 



Billion bills paid by Americans in the last year

0 %


of Millennial and Gen Z consumers are likely to pay their bills using pay-in-text if given the opportunity

0 %


of consumers that have been exposed to text payment options say it is the easiest way to pay bills

0 %


of consumers prefer receiving late payment or past-due reminders via text

How FinText™ Payments Drives Results

FinText™ Payments offers the first text messaging platform with a native payment portal – keeping you compliant and secure. Other pay-by-text vendors rely on outsourcing either the text messaging platform or the payment platform – and none of them provide compliance support or guidance – putting you at risk for compliance infractions. It’s what makes us different. It’s what makes you successful.

Why change from traditional payment links that redirect the consumer to a website login page?

Text messaging is the most effective way to reach consumers. But to engage the consumer, you must remove the payment barriers. In FinText™ Payments, the consumer experiences an intuitive and simple 3-click payment process. It’s just that simple. No integration hassles. Just accelerated payments directly to you.

Why Organizations Choose FinText™ Payments

Accelerating payments starts with the connection. Here’s how we help you connect: 

  • Build trust by keeping your customers informed of upcoming automated debit due dates or pulls
  • Drive payments by delivering payment reminders with self-service options
  • Authorize payments immediately with text keyword responses

FinText Payments provides flexible options to customize payments and meets evolving market requirements. 

Go beyond the antiquated payment notice that contains a link redirecting the consumer to another app or login dashboard… or worse, forces them to enter an invoice number or access code located on an electronic invoice that was emailed to them. Provide an exceptional customer experience that will increase your kept rate, improve productivity, and accelerate payments.


Consumer Demand to Pay Via Text is Widely Untapped

Learn how FinText can streamline payments, enhance customer experience, and boost your revenue growth.


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