Texting Software

Give your team the tools they need. 

Our texting software for business provides a full suite of SMS products to give you the competitive edge needed to scale your operations.

Flexible, powerful, and comprehensive.

With an unbeatable features list, our business texting software platform puts SMS to work for you.

Scalable SMS Gateway

We’ll grow as fast as you grow. Our clients range from local small business to large enterprise accounts. Our flexible/expandable gateway allows you to send text messages at a rate that delivers messages at the right time and keeps you compliant. Our goal is to always provide a scalable solution with the flexibility to meet industry changes and demands. 


Over 13% of consumers rely on month-to-month mobile phone plans. Therefore, today’s communications landscape is rapidly changing to the demands of the user. SBT DualDelivery™ provides improved deliverability via short code/long code fulfillment logic. SBT DualDelivery™ increases delivery to your customer and provides more accurate reporting when developing your mobile strategy.

Stop Safety Net™

SBT’s exclusive layer of protection between you, your platform and the customer. SBT Stop Safe provides a built-in safety net to manage stops and provide you the peace of mind when it comes to TCPA Compliance.

Verify by Text 

Our award-winning Verify by Text is designed to confirm a customer has possession of the mobile device providing an added layer of consent. SBT goes to great lengths in providing your company TCPA best practices through a proven method of establishing a digital signature and the most compliant path to opt-in verification.

Text Guard

Text guard is the latest release in the line of SBT protection and compliance based services. Text Guard provides true protection when it comes to tracking a mobile device across multiple accounts while serving as the gatekeeper when faced with FCC and TCPA regulations. By disabling a disconnected phone number upon notification SBT minimizes delivery to recycled cell numbers. Text Guard prevents the Client from inadvertently sending a message to a reassigned number thus prohibiting a potential compliance infraction.

KPI Dashboard

The SBT KPI dashboard is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively you are achieving your SMS goals. Your organization can use SBT KPI’s at multiple levels to evaluate your success in reaching targets. High-level KPI’s may focus on the overall performance of the enterprise, while low-level KPI’s may focus on processes in departments such as sales, marketing, or a call center.

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