Build better relationships with real-time, conversational messaging.

Today’s consumer is overwhelmed with one-way communication from the brands and businesses in their personal ecosystem. Stand out from the crowd, get noticed, and most importantly drive action with two-way texting. Create an instant one-to-one relationship that builds trust and makes your customers feel connected.  

Two-way Texting combines the always-on, always-with nature of mobile communication with the effective, accessible, and preferred messaging channel of today’s consumer. When notifications become conversations, you will see a dramatic increase in issue resolution as well as customer connection.

You know that your customers prefer to text, so connect with them on their terms. Put customer communication at the forefront of your marketing efforts through real-time text responses to your customers and real-time access to your team members.

Give your teams the power to excel.​

Ready to start and sustain conversations with your customers? You can do so with ease by putting a text response inbox into the hands of your trained team members. Whether you’re answering billing questions, offering loyalty discounts, or promoting products and services, your customer communication happens in real time, when they need it most.

Enhance customer engagement with account reminders.

Connect to customers faster with account updates and payment reminders by text.

Send account reminders directly to your client’s mobile phone.

Ramp up customer engagement and interaction with friendly text message notifications. Remind them of an upcoming bill, notify them when a payment has been missed, or even send a personalized Happy Birthday message. Whatever the occasion, your clients can benefit from Account Reminders by text because they offer a secure, compliant, and convenient way for them to stay connected with your business.

Increase On-Time Payments

Most text messages are read within 3 minutes or less of being received. Can the same be said about paper or emailed statements?

Text Message Coaching

We’ve discovered that soft text messages generate higher responses. A trained consultant will teach you best practices for any message you send.

Save Money on Paper

Messages have a higher read and response rate than mailed billing statements. Switch to texting and save more money.

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